Complete MEP Commissioning

The Engineering Company for Testing and Balancing Services; TAB is a Commissioning Provider offering a holistic understanding of commissioning with a keen insight on integration of mechanical and electrical systems.

Today’s buildings and systems are complex. The proper integration of systems and controls within a building requires a multitude of skill sets, personnel, and expertise. Our competitors perform commissioning by assembling documentation of work performed by others because they rely on the technical expertise of others to verify system operation. Their area of expertise is the commissioning process itself. At TAB, we believe building owner’s deserve better. As a technical commissioning provider, our commissioning personnel have a thorough understanding of the engineering principles involved in the project design, detailed knowledge of the construction methods used in building the system, and an intimate understanding of system controls and integration.

Experience has shown that a building that is not commissioned will cost 8 to 20 percent more to operate than a properly commissioned building. On average, energy savings alone can pay back the cost of performing commissioning in 4.8 years. Additional savings from improved equipment lifetimes, reduced change-orders due to early problem detection, prevention of premature equipment breakdown by timely detection, reduced operation and maintenance costs and improved indoor environment combine to essentially offset the entire cost of new-building commissioning. As buildings and systems have become more complex and occupant requirements have increased, the need for commissioning is even greater.

Owners often think they cannot afford to pay for building commissioning, but a look at the potential costs of not commissioning tells a different story. These costs can include schedule overruns, change orders, litigation costs, high vacancy levels, uncomfortable occupants, excessively long shakedown periods, costly post-occupancy corrections, inability to perform adequate operation and maintenance and high operation costs. These costs can far exceed the price paid for commissioning. Commissioning reduces the risk of incurring these costs.